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NCEP NAM 1 day reanalysis hindcast and 3.5 day forecast winds that are interpolated to WFS N/F model

HYCOM surface current: NRL 1/12 degree Global HYCOM nowcast surface current over the Gulf of Mexico. The images are downloaded directly from NRL website and are updated twice each day.

Ocean current velocity vertical profiles are measured with moored ADCP array on the West Florida Shelf. Some ADCPs are installed in surface and subsurface buoys, and others are bottom mounted, measuring velocity profiles at fixed points. Some moorings provide real-time information via satellites. This is a long-term effort. Many moorings have been continuously maintained for more than 10 years.

Surface currents on the West Florida Shelf are measured in real-time using an array of three long-range HF radars (CODAR SeaSonde) along the west Florida coast at Redington Shores, Venice, and Naples, respectively. The HF radars are operated on 5 MHz frequency, measuring surface currents from 15 to 200 km offshore.

Weekly K. brevis cell counts collected from in situ discrete samples.